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Painter and Decorator in Epping

Finding a Specialist Painter and Decorator in Epping for Restorative Work

Many older houses have interiors that have almost stood the test of time, but peeling wallpaper here or a bit of damp there can damage original decoration to the extent that it must be restored. A regular painter and decorator in Epping might not be experienced in restoring the interiors of Victorian or Edwardian properties, which is why it is essential to use knowledgeable and experienced decorators when you want to restore an interior to its former glory.

Using a Specialist Painter and Decorator in Epping for Lincrusta Work

Specialist painters and decorators are experienced in working with materials commonly used in older interiors. Modern buildings use common solid materials such as brick and materials such as cement and mortar, while paint is one of the most common protective and decorative finishing layers. Yet many older buildings use alternative materials such as putty-filled wallpaper or Lincrusta, the application of which requires a certain amount of expertise. When restoring these interiors, it is essential to employ decorators who are familiar with this material and know how to make Lincrusta appear as good as new.

Choosing a Painter and Decorator in Epping for Work on Listed Buildings

Because of Epping’s history as an old market town, it is home to many Grade I and II listed buildings. Many of these gems from the past (buildings placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest) have period interiors. Those that retain their original interiors or have been decorated to replicate historic styles require the services of a specialty painter and decorator in Epping. Great care must be taken, not only in applying touch-ups, but also in setting up equipment and cleaning up upon completion, so that fixtures and other items are not damaged. This is where using a company experienced in working on Grade I and II buildings is essential.

Always Look at Examples to Determine Specialists’ Restoration Capabilities

There are many factors that go into a well-executed paint or wallpapering job, including the quality of materials used; the neatness of the application; and the correct choice of materials that match original decorations. When you are choosing a painter and decorator in Epping, be it for restoring or redecorating a contemporary or a historic interior, make sure to view images of your decorators’ previously completed work so that you can ensure they will perform stellar work on your property.

Make sure that you are Happy with Cost Estimates before work Commences

Historic restoration work is often more costly than contemporary decoration due to the greater detail and complexity of materials such as Lincrusta. It is thus important to make sure that you are entirely happy with quoted estimates before your restoration project commences. Using a painter and decorator in Epping that is reputable and known for being communicative with clients is a good way to ensure that you are kept informed of costs and the stage of a project at all times, and also helps to ensure that there are no surprise budget overruns.